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MONROE Dry Sand Storage Tanks are designed for gravity feed sanding of all types Railroadrailroad sand storage tower Diesel Locomotives. MONROE designs permit one spot or re-spot sanding of all types Diesel Locomotives. We furnish complete facilities or will adapt our equipment to your storage tank. Dry sand handling equipment from car to locomotive. On the spot sand drying facilities to suit your needs. Automatic and semi-automatic dry sand elevating equipment.

Complete facilities include: dry sand elevated storage tanks, dry sand ground level storage tanks, dry and wet sand elevating equipment, sand drying equipment, sand shut-off valves, swivel type shut-off valves, sand hose, weatherproof hose adapters, hose clamps, weatherproof sand nozzles, sand dust arresters and weatherproof sand spouts.

MONROE sanding facilities for diesel locomotives are adaptable to all requirements. Any capacity, any number of tracks, one spot or re-spot.

Monroe Engineering home page

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