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MONROE Full Flow, Weatherproof Dry Sand Shut-Off Valves for Gravity Feed Lines

railroad sand shut-off valveDesigned for use in sand delivery piping, the MONROE Sand Shut-Off Valves are weatherproof and versatile in operation.

Full flow design assures delivery at full hose capacity.

Simple and rugged design assures trouble free operation.

Non-clogging construction.

Valves are counter weighted and free acting. They require little effort to operate and will stay in the open or closed position. They may be operated from the ground and will not freeze when left in the open or closed position for a long period of time.

Threaded ends or flanged ends available on 3" diameter valves.

Only flanged ends available on 4" diameter valves.

MONROE Shut-Off Valves are available from stock in 3" and 4" diameter pipe size for vertical or 45 degree installation.


sand shut-off valve for gravity feed line

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