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MONROE full flow, weatherproof sand nozzles are used for servicing diesel locomotive sand boxes.

Compact design makes it adaptable to large or small sand boxes.

Full flow delivery of sand.

Economical and trouble free operation. Cadmium plating and one moving part provides maximum life and minimum maintenance.

Light weight for easy handling. Only one hand needed.

Streamlined design with no protruding parts for maximum safety and pleasing appearance.

Self-closing for foolproof operation. Sand is automatically shut off upon removal of nozzle from sand box. Rubber gasket assures no leakage.

Weatherproof construction prevents moisture from interfering with flow of dry sand. Positively moisture proof.

Rugged construction permits everyday misuse without undue maintenance or failure.

Simple design provides easy operation. Operator opens valve by inserting in sand box with ring against box opening. When box is filled, nozzle is simple removed and automatically shuts off.

Sanding nozzles are available from stock in the following sizes:

Model Hose Dia. Max. Nozzle Diameter Length Wt.
CC-4010 2.5" 3.75" 11.75"

6 lbs.

CC-4005 3" 4.25" 12.25" 8 lbs.

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